Operation maintenance of devices Aqua Osmotic

Operation and user maintenance (all models)

  1. Mechanical filter replacement (1st cartridge from the left) - approx. each 1 to 3 months; indicated by decreasing output, eventually visual check of the filter
  2. Active carbon filling replacement (2nd cartridge from the left) - approx. each 5 to 6 months,3 months for AQ 04
  3. The RO module life time is 1 to 3 years, the membrane module is replaced by supplier. The need for module replacement is indicated by:
    1. output does not improve with input filter replacement
    2. decreasing life time cycle of the ionex filling (more frequent need for replacement)
  4. Ionex filling replacement (3rd cartridge from the left)- when the quality of the product water exceeds acceptable level (can be monitored by the built-in conductivity monitor)
  5. Conductivity monitor battery - end of life indicated by "LOBAT" symbol on the display (approx. each 4 years). The 9V alkaline battery can be replaced after removing the front panel of the monitor (4 specially threaded screws under the caps).
  6. UV lamp bulb (life time 8000 hod., approx. 1 year) - should be replaced according to the UV lamp manual. Operation With no special measures, the device operation may be interrupted only for short periods (1 week maximum). On the return to operation after that, a 15 to 20 minutes rinsing operation is required with product routed to drain. Process controlled automated operation (if applied) stops the process automatically after filling up the container and restarts it again with the water level drop.
  7. Failure of electricity - the device automatically stops

Device sanitation is carried on in facilities that need high quality demineralised sterile water (pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory etc.), with hydrogene peroxyde solution of 29 % to 31 % concentration:

  1. monthly on a regular basis
  2. at each mechanical filter replacement
  3. at each ionex filling replacement

Procedure: 50 mililitres of the peroxyde solution is poured into the cartridge of the mechanical filter, the carbon filter is removed from the cartridge and the empty cartridge is put back. At this stage, the device is put in operation (rinsing) for least 2 hours.

After that, the carbon filter is installed back and the normal operation can be resumed.

Operation and user maintenance - AquaOsmotic
150K / 300K / 450K additional measures:

  1. Softener - (removes calcium and magnesium). This process stage works automatically. The user fills tablets of salt (sodium chloride) and checks time setting on the control unit of the softener. Regeneration of the ion exchange filling starts at 02.00 AM and continues for 2 - 2,5 hours. The capacity setting is done by the supplier at the installation, according to the raw water analysis.
  2. Mechanical + carbon (combined) filter replacement- after visual check
  3. Rotameters (flowmeters) - the user should regularly check and keep concentrate (wasted water) and permeate (product water) flow ratio close to 1:1. Acordingly, feeding the concentrate back into the reverse osmosis stage should be kept at ratio 1 : 0,5 (permeate, concentrate)

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